What is a Farm to Table Dinner?

Farm to table dinners are becoming more popular every year, and it seems like you can find at least one in every city now. But what exactly is a farm to table dinner, and why are they so popular? Let's talk about it!

Bringing together the community

What is a farm to table dinner

People from all walks of life attend farm to table dinners to enjoy great food and meet new people. These types of dinners allow for interesting conversations and getting to know people you may never meet otherwise. It's truly amazing how food can bring us together!

Eating the best food around

What is a farm to table dinner

There's simply no denying that local products are just better! Local meats and produce are meticulously cared for and harvested at just the right moment, creating a delicious end result.

Most farm to table dinners feature solely local foods, meaning the dinner will taste delicious, and also be a sampling of your local growers! You may be surprised at some of the products the farmers around you are growing.

Learning About Your Plate

What is a farm to table dinner

Most Farm to Table dinners allow the chefs and farmers to talk about the food you are eating, which is such an amazing experience. The food becomes a story-like experience in which you understand and appreciate how it came to your plate, and the people that made it a reality. It truly makes you ponder where all of the food you eat comes from, and may even prompt you to be more intentional about where you source your food from. 

Supporting your local businesses

What is a farm to table dinner

Though these types of dinners can be on the expensive side, it's because the food and people behind it are paid fairly for the quality products provided. And many farm to table dinners, like SeedFork's, are also fundraisers for the community. 

After all of the vendors for this event are fairly paid, profit from SeedFork's Farm to Fork dinner in August goes back into the nonprofit, so we can keep building community through local food in the Upper Cumberland. 

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