5 Amazing Reasons To Eat Locally

We all know that eating local is generally a good thing, but have you ever considered why exactly it's so great? SeedFork has curated 5 amazing reasons to eat locally, so keep reading to find out why our nonprofit advocates so strongly for local food.

1. Local produce is packed with nutrients 

Food begins to lose nutrients the minute it's harvested, which means you want to eat produce as close to harvesting time as possible! Research shows that locally grown produce can have over 100% more nutrients than non-local produce! There's no telling how long ago produce from the grocery store was harvested, however, local food from a farmer's market may have been harvested as early as the morning you bought it! 

2. Less travel time means less emissions

On average, food in America travels 1,500 miles to get to your local grocery store! That's a lot of miles and, consequently, a lot of emissions! Locally sourced food food only travels an average of 44 miles, meaning far less emissions, and a happier planet!

3. Buying local helps your local economy thrive

By purchasing local food and goods, you are Investing in the local economy! This means that money is staying in your local economy, rather than being given to other states and countries. And this applies to other local businesses too; choosing to eat at a local restaurant rather than a chain truly does make a difference!

4. Local food is safer

It seems like there's another E. coli or Salmonella break out every month, which leaves us terrified to buy the wrong lettuce or eggs. Many food contamination issues stem from contaminated water run off from animal farms and processing centers (we don't even want to think about how gross that is). Buying your produce, dairy, and meat products from local growers ensures that you are getting a product that has been well cared for and is much safer to bring home to your family. 

5. Your body loves to eat seasonally

Eating what's in season means the produce will picked at it's prime and taste amazing, and shopping locally will ensure that you are buying the best produce year-round. And, even though you can't get tomatoes in winter, you may just end up trying something new that you didn't know you would like! Use this link to find out what is in season where you live!

Eating and shopping locally is easy in the Upper Cumberland! Check out our local resource lists by clicking here

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